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Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Forensic or Questioned Document Examination involves the scientific examination of documents and handwriting. Types of examination include:
- comparing two or more pieces of handwriting with a view to determining whether or not they were written by the same person.
- signature comparisons
- examining documents for intended impressions of writing using the Electro Static Detection Aparatus (ESDA)
- examination of alterations/obliteration/enhancing faded entries
- printing and photocopy forgeries

The best evidence comes from examination of the original documents as certain features may be masked in the photocopy process. However, if the original documents are not available it is possible to work from good quality documents. The level of conclusion expressed will reflect this. When comparing handwriting it is essential to examine like with like i.e. an “A” with an “A”, a “b” with a “b” etc and signatures in the same name as each other.
Handwriting Forensics

What is Required From the Client?

- the questioned document
- as many examples of the handwriting of the person who is claiming their writing has been forged as possible and all dated for comparison. They should if possible include writing written in the normal course of business as opposed to writing prepared specifically for the purpose of comparison.
- Some of the reference writing should be contemporaneous with the questioned writing. If this is not possible samples should be taken from the client. Ideally these should include the content of the questioned writing. When collecting samples it is important not to allow the client to copy from the questioned document. The content should be either dictated or a typed version given to copy from. This should be witnessed by an independent person such as a solicitor.
- All documents should be sent to Alternative Solutions using Royal Mail Special Delivery service to ensure their safety in transit.

What Happens Next?

The document submitted will be examined by an Alternative Solutions forensic handwriting analyst. All analysts used have a wealth of experience working with the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory, The Fraud Squad, The Ministry of Defence, along with prosecuting authorities in Oman, the Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong and Gibraltar.

Once the analysis has been completed, a full report will be provided for the client. This if required may be submitted as court evidence. If the analyst is required to then appear in court a further charge will be applied.

The report will be emailed to the client and then sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery service along with the documents submitted for analysis.

If you require any further information, a price quotation or to proceed with this service, please contact Alternative Solutions on 020 8502 2575.