Telephone Support

Client demand has instigated Alternative Solutions offering a telephone support service. Several clients were receiving “free” advice on the telephone and whilst they found it very useful they didn’t feel comfortable to continue calling us “free”. This now operates in a similar way to paid helpline.
The telephone support service has proven valuable on both sides. Clients receive speedy and cost effective help with a “team” of experts at their disposal. In return Alternative Solutions gets great testimonials, provides value for money and knows we have made a difference.

The cases that this has helped with have been where clients may need some reassurance of their instincts and need to know the first steps, prior to utilising the more detailed investigative services that we offer. Or they may be clear about what they require but need to know the legalities and best approach to do their own investigation. For individuals this has helped matrimonial cases when the person has limited funds but are themselves resourceful. Companies have utilised these services in employer / employee cases when HR personnel are in place but need certain evidence in order to take action appropriately and legally.