Alternative Solutions is able to offer a wide range of mobile and static audio and visual surveillance services and equipment including infiltration, anti and counter surveillance.surveillance camera

We can offer a counter surveillance service in which operatives are able to detect and remove surveillance equipment and an anti surveillance service which will teach you how to establish whether or not you are being monitored.

Nanny Watch

We know that your children are the most precious part of your life and when you leave them in the care of others you need complete peace of mind.
surveillance cameraWe offer a variety of surveillance equipment and techniques so that you can see and hear how your child is being taken care of when you are out at work.

Granny Watch

Many thousands of senior citizens in the UK live in residential care homes and many more attend centres for a considerable part of the day. Others have care workers who regularly call at their homes. Our granny watch service is designed to protect vulnerable older people and
granny watchhelp to eradicate abuse of the elderly with the use of fixed and mobile surveillance and other evidence collating equipment.

If there is any suspicion of abuse, Alternative Solutions’ operatives with nursing experience, and in-depth knowledge of the acceptable standards of care, may be placed as undercover workers to observe, record and document any instances of neglect or abuse.