Tackling Work-Based Problems

Workplace Watchdog

Alternative Solutions has spearheaded a unique new initiative to tackle a range of work-based problems.  Companies are potentially open to an avalanche of legal action around employment issues which can potentially cost the business both financially and in loss of productivity.
We can offer a range of investigative services including surveillance,  computer forensics, company vehicle tracking, forensic handwriting analysis along with qualified HR consultation and support to aid and manage these issues.  Our aim is to ‘nip them in the bud’ before they become too costly.
We can also place an undercover expert witness in the workplace to identify, monitor and document performance, bullying, dishonesty, fraud and many other issues.  Our team of operatives has management and supervision experience giving them the ability to fit into a company at any level.  In addition, their HR knowledge will provide the evidence you need to correct performance or take appropriate action.  Our experts can support you to ensure that your workplace case is handled correctly.

We are also able to investigate the practices of remote workers who may be in breach of their contracts of employment or where there are any doubts over the validity of long term sickness.

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