About Us

Alternative Solutions is a female-led private investigation agency with a world-wide network of experienced staff.  This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of private investigation services on a global basis to both private and commercial clients.  Alternative Solutions only uses operatives with an in-depth knowledge of civil and criminal law and who work to extremely high performance levels.
Company personnel and operatives are drawn from various police, military and intelligence backgrounds.  As such they have a wealth of knowledge and experience within their field along with the understanding of the need for total client confidentiality.

In addition, we have a number of specialists in areas such as forensic handwriting analysis, computer forensics, kidnap, abduction and hostage response as well as crisis management and business continuity planning.  All personnel and operatives work within a strict Code of Conduct, Privacy and Confidentiality policies and all are quality controlled by Alternative Solutions.

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From matrimonial surveillance to technical sweeps and digital forensics we can handle your investigation with guaranteed professionalism in the most cost-effective manner available to us.  All of our work on your behalf is logged on a daily basis and we report regularly to you on the progress being made.

Alternative Solutions MDAlternative Solutions is owned by Gina Negus, a former Scotland Yard undercover surveillance expert with many years experience of collating evidence in blackmail, kidnap and fraud cases.  Gina is a member of EPIC, Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce, and an associate member of ABI, The Association of British Investigators as well as a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is a human resources professional.

Alternative Solutions has many operatives with a wide range of experience from hostage and kidnap negotiation to fraud investigation and risk management.