Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning

Crisis Management Solutions (CMS) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) are designed to ensure that a company is well prepared to respond to and handle serious and unexpected incidents.
With greater awareness of corporate manslaughter and the need for risk management, companies need to be ready to meet serious situations to ensure that they are managed properly and their impact is minimised.

Such situations could include:

  • Bomb threat
  • Abduction of senior executive
  • Site disaster
  • Fire / explosion
  • Staff intimidation / harassment
  • Power outage
  • Terrorist activities
  • Extortion
  • IT viruses
  • Hostile infiltration
  • Damage to product
  • Loss of utilities

It is now considered part of a company’s best practice to ensure that its assets, personnel and products are well protected.

Companies also need to ensure continuity of supply and security supply chain.  It is therefore reassuring to know that Business Continuity Plans are in place.

Alternative Solutions can help your company by reviewing, facilitation, training, undertaking gap analysis, producing manuals to ensure that adequate consideration has been given and that a Crisis Management Team is as ready as it can possibly be.