Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopping

Our operatives can order goods for delivery at their home and report on when those goods arrive, in what condition and whether they were correct as ordered or they can ask you to deliver a service at their homes and log how well your staff did the job.
mystery shoppersWe can also make calls posing as customers and report back on how the call was handled.  We can test all your telephone lines, your call centre, and your email response, as well as your web site.  We can provide sample tapes or a tape of every call to help you give your staff feedback.

We are able to gather information from your competitors on pricing, standards of service and customer care.

In addition, our experienced operatives can visit retail outlets, restaurants, pubs, travel agents, banks etc and report back on their experience.  Where possible, DVD and photographic evidence will be supplied to support the report supplied.

Alternative Solutions is pleased to discuss your requirements and plan a visit which will help you achieve your objectives.