False Allegations

Preparing Your Case

Alternative Solutions utilises its experience from working with clients and legal teams to help clients prepare their case either for court or to inform and brief their solicitors. Our approach is practical, realistic and thinks ahead to what some of the issues may be (before a court case) in order to ensure that clients are ready for and confident with their case. This can help keep legal costs lower and ensure that best value is gained from their solicitor’s time.

False and Unfounded Allegations

It is all too easy for people to make an unfounded allegation and leave the accused person with the problem of having to prove their innocence. Alternative Solutions has had several cases in recent months of clients being accused (rape, indecent assault, fraud, theft, workplace misdemeanours, etc) without evidence being present to support these allegations. The disruption to an accused person’s life when the allegation is unfounded can be devastating, stressful and costly. Alternative Solutions works with its clients to ensure that evidence is gained to support their claim of innocence or to help and prove their case that the allegation is unfounded or false.