Pre-employment Screening & Due Diligence

Pre-employment Screening

People are a company’s most valuable resource, but they can be untruthful when applying for jobs. It can be anything from minor enhancement on a CV to identity theft and fraud.
In addition to the cost of recruitment, untruthfulness during recruitment added to that cost can be a great risk to business. Alternative Solutions’ vetting service specialises in screening applicants for all types of jobs and thereby assisting organisations recruit honest, reliable and suitable staff.

Alternative Solutions has substantial background and expertise in providing this service to:
- ensure fairness and truth in the recruitment process
- minimise risk to your business
- avoid poor employment decisions
Employment and pre-employment screening is available at a range of levels suited to your needs and budget.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is investigation undertaken prior to signing of contracts.   This could include corporate mergers, new clients, business partners etc.
Before you make any commitment to an important decision, we can gather, analyse and report pertinent information in a highly confidential and discreet way to assist you in making important decisions.

Using Alternative Solutions to carry out due diligence enquiries will help mitigate risk and provide you with good knowledge on which to base decisions.  Hence ensuring that sound and accurate business action is taken.

Due diligence will also add credibility to your organisation’s risk assessments and demonstrate that these have been addressed responsibly and effectively.